About Us

Our Mission

Bringing more souls to Christ by collaborating in God’s plan for each and everyone of our lives.

Through prayer, sacrifice, and humble receiving we provide the tools and community to help you grow closer in communion with God.

church, window, stained glass


Pastor  – Fr. Rodolfo Contreras 
Parochial Pastor – Fr. Jason Taganahan
Deacon – Manuel Espinoza
Deacon – David Vargas
Business Manager – Claudia Navarro
Administrative Assistant – Kathie Malloy
Confirmation Coordinator – Jeanne Olsen
Religious Education Coordinator – Alejandra Mariscal
Youth Minister/Faith Formation Coordinator Lucy Avila

Our Core Values

As God’s people, rich in faith, cultures and Catholic traditions, we welcome everyone as we gather in the Holy Spirit to celebrate God’s love and are sent forth to serve as witnesses to the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

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