• Department of Catechetical Ministries

  • Permission Form for Online and/or Live-Streaming

    Instruction 2020-2021 School Year

  • The Diocese of Monterey Parish Catechetical Programs and the Diocese of Monterey Catholic Schools are adjusting their academic programs to include online instruction. It is the Parish’s expectation that all students attend their online session at the scheduled time during distance learning.

    To protect the privacy of all students participating in the Parish’s distance virtual program, students and all are strictly forbidden from taking screen shots or recordings of the class, the instructor, or individual students during virtual instruction.

    I give my permission for my child(children) listed below to participate in online classes. I also agree to partner with the Parish in enforcing the prohibition against taking screen shots, making private recordings of the class, or otherwise recording the instructor, or individual students. This prohibition extends to everyone in your child(ren)’s family.

  • By signing this release, I hereby release and forever discharge the Diocese of Monterey and its affiliated entities, its officers, agents, and employees and volunteers from and against any and all claims, damages or suits which may arise from participation in, review of or otherwise related to the livestream courses outlined above. I understand and agree that if I wish to revoke my permission given in this Permission Form, I must do so in writing and inform the parish. Otherwise, it will remain in full force and effect until the end of this academic year.
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